Welcome to black magic (formerly sonic sessions), an at-least monthly collection of cosmologies, myths, reflections, and conversations about technology, magic, care, and intimacy.

Hello! I’m Cy X aka hell hooks (they/we). I’m a black queer agender cyber witch, love influencer, pleasure ceremonialist, and trickster with many names, many dreams, and even more thoughts.

As a cyber witch, I am influenced by technologies of all kinds across many timelines including our emerging technologies but also our ancestral and indigenous technologies. I am ever curious about the technologies we have been encouraged to forget or even worse destroy.

And I cannot forget, this newsletter starting as a place to share about music and sound. That part of my roots has not been forgotten. I am forever a sonic alchemist and that informs everything that I do. Coming to understand that sound is more than just experienced through the ear, I re-discovered the magic of the body. How we experience sound because we have a body! Oh, the body.

I am also the co-founder of Synth Library NYC and founder of Pleasure Ceremony, an eco-erotic research lab and apothecary.

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