My body fits into the borders of neatly partitioned land. So it goes, this land was made for me. Therefore, that is mine. That land was made for you…

December 2022

a stinging nettles love story
a teaser, an edging, a vision

November 2022

on black boxes, becoming human, and something more

August 2022

on music & cyberstalking & visibility

June 2022

as it will be, as it has been

April 2022

The “Water as Technology” Open Residency has been so dreamy! So many conversations around our relationship with water, technology, bodies, plants…
A Shared Body Open Residency Free & Open to All :-)
Become a Resident!

March 2022

where projects go to die, so that they may continue to live

January 2022

some things will be coming through

July 2021

digital channeling + intro to cyberwitch theory